Former Deputy Inspector General of Police CHARITY KATANGA has been found with a case to answer in a matter where she is charged with possession of property deemed to be the proceeds of crime.

Mrs. KATANGA has been put on defence by Chief Resident Magistrate DAVIES CHIBWILI, sitting in the Financial and Economic Crimes Court.

Magistrate CHIBWILI has ruled that the prosecution has established a prema facie case against Mrs. KATANGA to warrant putting her on defence.

It is alleged that Mrs. KATANGA jointly and while acting together with other persons unknown, on dates unknown but between  January 01, 2017 and June, 06  2022 bought 10 Higer Buses, valued  203,000 dollars using  funds deemed  to be proceeds of crime.

Mrs. KATANGA was arrested in August last year.

Her case has been adjourned to August 08, 2023 for defence.

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