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Information and Media Minister CHUSHI KASANDA has called on the media to partner with women to highlight issues affecting womenโ€™s welfare.

Ms. KASANDA says women face a number of challenges such as social media harassment and abuse.

She says there is need to properly use social media to promote the success stories and achievements of women to inspire young women.

Ms. KASANDA says women also need to be focused in order to achieve their goals and not allow division amongst themselves.

And speaking in an interview with ZNBC News, Zambia Women Parliamentarians Caucus Chairperson PRINCESS KASUNE bemoaned the low representation of women in Parliament.

Ms. KASUNE said the current trend need to be improved as women participation even at mayoral and council chairperson level is also less.

She said there is need for political parties to understand the importance of gender representation through constant dialogue and engagement.

Meanwhile United Nations Development Program -UNDP- Resident Representative JAMES WAKIAGA said increased women participation in politics require more funding and the appointment of more women in leadership positions.

He said Zambia is on track as women are being given centre stage while President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has continued to appoint women to key positions.

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