By Hannock Kasama

SHADRICK KASANDA, one of the suspects in airport Gold Scam, has been denied bail in another case where he has been charged with disposal of property deemed to be proceeds of crime.

Mr. KASANDA’s bail application has been denied by the LUSAKA High Court on grounds that his release from detention would prejudice the case.

The court has further turned down Mr. KASANDA’s application on grounds that he is also facing an espionage case where the Director of Public Prosecution-DPP has issued the Certificate of Denial of bail.

The verdict on denial of Mr. KASANDA’s bail application has been delivered by a panel of three High Court Judges namely PIXXIE YANGAILO, IAN MABBOLOBBOLO and VINCENT SILOKA.

In the bail application, Mr. KASANDA had contended through his lawyers that he is entitled to bail because his proceed of crime charge is bailable.

However the state contended that Mr. KASANDA’s bail application in the proceeds of crime matter is precluded by the Certificate of Denial of Bail with regards to his espionage case.

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