Kalaba challenges youths to take up leadership


DEMOCRATIC Party leader Harry Kalaba has challenged youths in the country to stand up and be counted.

Addressing Democratic Party youth leaders at the end of year two-day planning meeting in Kapiri Mposhi, Kalaba said challenges youths were facing today could only be addressed if they were given a platform at the table of governance and decision making.

He said young people should not just be counted as statistics but as an active player in shaping the political landscape of the nation as well.

“Stand up and be counted…until that is made, the youths will always be disadvantaged and misrepresented,” Kalaba said.

He said the Democratic Party, through its youth presentation policy, provides a platform for the young people.

Kalaba further encouraged youths to embrace leadership.

He cautioned them not to take leadership lightly but with seriousness.

“Young people, the task ahead of you is very huge. You must draw inspiration from the first Republican president Dr Kaunda and others who made it at a young age,” he said.

Other people at the workshop were former presidential affairs minister Cecil Holmes, DP national chairperson David Kapoma, national committee member Philip Matavu and national mobilisation chairperson Dennis Ndawa.

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