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By Patricia Banda:

Community Development Minister Kampamba Mulenga has announced that the 37 Million Kwacha social cash transfer which was not paid through Zampost for beneficiaries will now be paid.

Ms. Mulenga says the Ministry of Finance has released the money to her ministry and beneficiaries will now start getting the money.

She has told Znbc news in an interview that Cooperating partners have now come on board, among them the Department of International Development -DFID, Swedish Government, UNICEF and the Red Cross society of Zambia to support the project.

Ms. Mulenga has thanked President Edgar Lungu for being a pioneer and for ensuring that the Social Cash Transfer is functional.

And Ms Mulenga stated that with additional funding that has come through, she is hopeful that Government will reach out to the targeted 7 Hundred Thousand beneficiaries across the country.

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