Wed. Nov 30th, 2022


An 18 year old JUVENILE of Lusaka’s Lilanda Compound has narrated to the court how he broke into faith Bible community school and stole property valued at k1, 818 without any lawful authority.

He told the court that he was hungry and needed some food to eat hence breaking into a building and committed a felony.

The juvenile said he broke the lock and entered the premises around 05:00 in the morning and stole one big drum, four chairs and frames all valued at k1, 818

‘’ I was hungry and did not have any money to buy food for myself so I decided to break into faith bible community school and got a drum and four chairs and frames so I could sell.’’ He told the court in the presence of his mother.

It is alleged that the juvenile did break into a building therein committing a felony without any lawful authority.

The juvenile told magistrate Nthandose Chabala that he did break into the said building and stole the said properties.

Particulars of offence are that, on July 15 2021 around 06:00hours the complainant Violet Sakala received a phone call that there was a break at her school from an unknown person.

The complaint rushed to check and discovered that property mentioned was missing and she then reported the matter to the police, whilst at the police the neighbor called her saying the juvenile has been apprehended and only a drum valued k200 has been recovered.

Therefore, the juvenile pleaded with the court to have leniency on him saying he has learnt his lesson and he will never repeat what he did.

The matter is set to come up on November 10 for continuation of trial.


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