It’s too late for Lungu to try and appease Zambians


All along Edgar Lungu has refused to fire Dr Chitalu Chilufya, Ronald Chitoleta and others in his government who have been accused of corruption.

They have ended up being prosecuted for corruption while serving as ministers – making it difficult for the prosecutors, witnesses and even the courts to deal with them freely.

Edgar’s argument has always been that they are not convicted of any wrongdoing for him to fire them. And that what has been raised against them are mere allegations.

Today we ask: what court has convicted Dr Chilufya for Edgar to dismiss him from government?

What Edgar is trying to do is simply to hoodwink the public and project himself as a listening President and one who is against wrongdoing. This is so because of the elections that are around the corner.

In firing Dr Chilufya, Edgar is not really tackling the real problem of corruption. Firing Dr Chilufya without seriously prosecuting him is of very little value. Sincerely prosecuting Dr Chilufya will reveal a lot of corruption in this government which may eventually point an accusing finger at Edgar himself.

Here we are dealing with a President who has failed to account for the source of his sudden wealth, that of his family members and close friends or associates. And we all know that unearned income is prima facie evidence of corruption.

The other week Edgar fired innocent officers from the police over the killings of innocent people leaving the culprits who are too close to him. Why? This is simply to try and create the impression that he doesn’t tolerate wrongdoing and he is listening to public outcry. All this is just for election purposes. This is not the way Edgar has conducted himself over all these years of his presidency. Why this sudden change just before the elections? To fool Zambians into giving him a third term of office!

But remember that it is said, ‘You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.’

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