Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

By Charles Tembo

THIS is the end of the PF, says Bishop Timothy Chisala.

And the Overseer of All Nations Church International insists that the Socialist Party is the next viable opposition party in the country.

Commenting on the Kabwata Constituency parliamentary by-elections results, Bishop Chisala said the PF cannot rebrand with leaders who were rejected and have a tag of corruption, violence and criminal records.

The ruling UPND’s Andrew Tayengwa emerged victorious after receiving 13,574 votes followed by the PF’s Clement Tembo who polled 11,192 with SP’s Tripher Ng’andu obtaining 1,849.

Others are Chilufya Tayali with 420 votes, Sydney Zyambo (PAC) 222 votes, Fred Mubanga (DP) 124 votes, Engiwe Mzyece (UNIP) 63 votes, Kennedy Muyowa (New Heritage Party) 46 votes and Henry Muleya of PeP with 30 votes.

Bishop Chisala said the election defect of the PF has completely buried the former ruling party.

“So now this is the end of the PF. The PF is history for now. You can’t rebrand a party with the same rejected leaders. The PF is just a group of arrogant guys. The people who were rejected, can’t come and be the champions of rebranding,” he said.

“It is now clear that the PF is finished and has no chance of coming back or becoming a formidable opposition party.”

Bishop Chisala, as three weeks ago, said Zambia was in safe hands under the opposition leadership of the Socialist Party and Dr Fred M’membe as its leader.

“First, let me congratulate the UPND for winning the Kabwata parliamentary seat. Well deserved. But my interest is in the performance of the opposition.

I still insist that the Socialist Party is the new opposition hope for Zambia. Inspite all the challenges, the party has proved to be a darling of the people. What makes a party to be a darling of the people is the quality of leadership,” said Bishop Chisala.

“Going into the by-election in Kabwata was not going to be easy for the opposition especially new parties. The performance of the Socialist Party is so overwhelming. That is good for a small opposition party.”

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