Issue him a work permit if you hire him – Minister tells FAZ

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By the ZamFoot Crew | August 27, 2019

Minister of Sports Emmanuel Mulenga has told the Football Association of Zambia to issue their own work permit to Vaselin Jeluic, Should they go ahead and hire him.

The minister is not happy with the procedure (headhunting) used to appoint the Serbian trainer as the new Chipolopolo coach. In a press session, Mulenga told FAZ to advertise the job, Follow the correct channel and only then will the ministry approve the appointment of a new coach.

“Coming to the coach, I didn’t want to talk about the coach because the Director who is the acting PS has issued a statement. Whatever money which the Government spends that taxpayers money and Taxpayers money should be used prudently according to the financial regulations and the financial regulations or employment act states that for any position to be given to an individual it has to be advertised those are Government rules but that position was not advertised. So if it was not advertised Government can not buy into it. In everything that FAZ or our ministry is doing should be transparent and accountable to the Zambian people,” he said.

“So as a ministry we are not going for that coach. One that’s single sourcing, We won’t go for a single source let them advertise we have advised them, It’s your responsibility and role to employ but follow the collect procedure, Advertise, Call for interviews, Let it be transparent then we shall consent to the coach which they will pick.”

Mulenga believes Jeluic does not have the necessary track record to be named as the head coach of the 2012 AFCON Champions. He went on to stress the importance of transparency and accountability as the money Government will be contributing is taxpayers money

” And coming to the experience of the same coach, We did a research. He was coaching Botswana and he never coached for so long and he was taken from coaching the national team to coaching academies is that what we need? That’s not our level how do we bring someone who was coaching youths and school-going boys to coach our national team? That’s not what we need,” Mulenga said.

Let’s have value for money. Whatever money we want to spend as Government we should have value for it, We will not consent to that, Am sorry If FAZ has gone ahead am sorry, It’s Government that issues work permits. They should be ready to give him a work permit-Mulenga

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) had announced that they would name a new Chipolopolo coach this week but with this new development, Green Eagles head coach Aggrey Chiyangi is set to continue in the interim capacity.