Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

By Michael Kaluba

Green Party Leader Peter Sinkamba has warned that the impending electronic voting system in Zambia may create more problems in the near future with multiple voting by individuals if there is no electronic database and biometrics of citizens.

Mr. Sinkamba is of the view that it will be difficult to implement the e-voting system without an e-database and biometric system in the absence of which, duplication of registration may occur easily and multiple voting unless the country makes national registration digital.

He has since suggested for more investment into home affairs department of national registration to digitalize the process aimed at creating a central database and biometric that can then be used by important processes such as e-voting and banking among others.

Mr. Sinkamba adds that the reason why Zambia has failed to get rid of ghost workers on the government payroll system is because of lack of an electronic database and biometric which could effectively rule out replicated identity or individuals registering under multiple national registration cards.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia is currently working towards implementing the e-voting system for the first time in Zambia ahead of the 2026 general elections having already successfully implemented e-registration and e-verification of voters in the run up to last year’s general elections.

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