By Chansa Kunda

The Ministry of Health says most adult patients in Zambia are suffering from high blood pressure and coronary artery disease.

The ministry says the diseases are fuelled by the risk factors of unhealthy diet, smoking and inactivity.

Health Minister SYLVIA MASEBO says high blood pressure is the highest cause of outpatient visits in Lusaka province and that one in every 10 adults admitted to hospitals’ has problems related to the heart.

Ms. MASEBO was speaking in Lusaka today during a health walk held as part of the activities in commemoration of the World Heart Day which was held on the 29th of September.

The Minister also disclosed that out of 650 thousand babies born in Zambia annually, 6000 are likely to be born with heart disease.

At the same event, National Heart Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent SHUMBA CHABWELA said adopting a healthy lifestyle is the only way people can guard against cardiac conditions.

And ZAMTEL Acting Chief Executive Officer, JASON MWANZA said the telecommunications company partnered with the Ministry of Health and the National heart hospital as a way of raising awareness on the importance of leading healthy lives.

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