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President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has paid tribute to Chinese President XI JINPING for the continued collaboration and support to the Zambian government.

And President HICHILEMA says the revolution led by Chinese founding father Chairman MAO ZEDONG over a hundred years ago benefited Zambians.

President HICHILEMA says during the independence struggle China came to the aid of Zambia and its people.

He says after the struggle, Zambia’s founding President KENNETH KAUNDA worked with Chairman MAO and the Chinese people in various developmental areas such as opening up the country to ports for trade.

Speaking to ZNBC News shortly after touring Former Chairman MAO’s old House and the Jinggangshan revolutionary museum in Jiangxi Province, President HICHILEMA said the revolution in China supported the struggles of Zambia.

And, President HICHILEMA said he is in China to retrace the roots of the support by the Chinese Government because no country is an island.

He said Presidents KAUNDA and Chairman MAO, and the current leaders have continued to work together.

The President is in China for a six-days state visit at the invitation of Chinese President XI JINPING.

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