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President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has started his six day state visit to China by paying tribute to former Chinese President, DENG XIAOPING in Southern China.

President HICHILEMA accompanied by First Lady MUTINTA HICHILEMA laid a wreath at the six-meter high statue that immortalizes President DENG.

In a posting on his Facebook page monitored by ZNBC News, President HICHILEMA says he and the first lady were greatly inspired by the story of President DENG who is widely credited for China’s massive economic transformation that started in the 1970s.

At the time China was largely closed to the outside world, President DENG implemented an open door policy to foreign businesses that wanted to set up in China.

The reforms carried out by President DENG and his allies gradually led China away from a planned economy and Maoist ideologies, opened it up to foreign investments and technology, and introduced its vast labour force to the global market.

The reforms elevated over 8-hundred million people from poverty, turning the Asian giant state into one of the world’s largest economies now.

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