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President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has condemned political instability that has characterized some parts of Africa.

President HICHILEMA has emphasized the need for peace, security and stability on the continent in order to pave way for the development of the region.

The President said this at State House when he met a delegation from the Southern African Development Community -SADC- led by Director of the Organ on Politics, Defense and Security Affairs KULA THELETSANE.

President HICHILEMA said he would like to work with the SADC Secretariat to create a better cooperating environment in the region and that he will consult the past chairpersons of the organ in discharging his duties.

And Professor THELETSANE said President HICHILEMA’s role as Chairperson of the Organ will not be easy in view of the many challenges in the region.

He however assured President HICHILEMA of the Secretariat’s support and that the role requires strategic leadership in dealing with the challenges of security and diplomacy faced in the region.

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