President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has been given a recognition award by the Center for Environmental Justice -CEJ- for championing environmental sustainability in the country.

President HICHILEMA has been awarded for facilitating the rehabilitation of the Chunga Landfill in Lusaka and taking over the negotiating role on behalf of developing countries at the United Nations Conference of Parties in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Former Council of Churches in Zambia Secretary General SUZANNE MATALE, who presented the award to Acting Minister of Green Economy and Environment RODNEY SIKUMBA, said the release of 33 million Kwacha to rehabilitate the Chunga Landfill is part of President HICHILEMA’s vision for a greener and cleaner Zambia.

Reverend MATALE added that President HICHILEMA’s actions to protect the environment also saw him sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Union to fight environmental degradation.

She added that President HICHILEMA has shown leadership when it comes to environmental sustainability and his success is an example to other world leaders.

And, President HICHILEMA has called on various stakeholders to help the Government find solutions to the many environmental challenges the country is facing.

In a speech read for him by Acting Minister of Green Economy and Environment RODNEY SIKUMBA during the official opening of the fourth Environmental Protection Dialogue in Lusaka, President HICHILEMA said Zambia has the right climate and good arable land but environmental challenges have reduced the potential.

And, Center for Environment Justice Board Member EMMANUEL MUTAMBA said his organization has done several evidence based research on the environment countrywide and is working towards environmental justice.

Meanwhile, Paramount Chief CHITIMUKULU has called for capacity building to traditional leaders on environmental issues.

Paramount Chief CHITIMUKULU said most traditional leaders do not understand the issue of climate change and environmental degradation even when they have now realised that the rains no longer start at the normal time.

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