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President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has arrived in Rome, Italy for a reciprocal State visit at the invitation of that country’s President SERGIO MATTARELLA.

The President is accompanied by First Lady MUTINTA HICHILEMA and Foreign Affairs Minister STANLEY KAKUBO.

The visit follows President MATTARELLA’S trip to Zambia in July last year where both leaders strengthened the two Countries’ longstanding bilateral and international cooperation dating back to Zambia’s Independence.

President MATTARELLA while in Zambia acknowledged the country as a beacon of peace and a promoter of democratic tenets.

He further expressed Italy’s readiness to assist Zambia in various economic sectors among them mining, agriculture, health, and education.

In a statement to ZNBC News, State House Chief Communications Specialist CLAYSON HAMASAKA, said President HICHILEMA during his visit to Italy will discuss Zambia’s advantageous geographical location endowed with fertile arable land and fresh water sources despite the challenges of climate change.

Mr. HAMASAKA said the President will attend the Zambia-Italian Business Forum, where he is expected to make a business case for Zambia by encouraging Italian investors to partner with local Zambians.

He said the President is expected to encourage business investments and partnerships that increase local production through in-country mineral extraction, processing, and value addition to generate employment and strengthen the local currency from exports.

Mr. HAMASAKA said President HICHILEMA will use the visit to thank Italy for its support in securing an agreement with the International Monetary Fund and facilitating debt restructuring talks.

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