Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

In my view, there is no difference between PF and UPND, you removed PF so that UPND can come in to eat as well while we insult each other on social media in defence of those eating.

The problem is that some of you go all out to defend people you hardly know. Anyway, I also did the same at some point, when I thought some of these guys in PF didn’t have money, but what is being unearthed these days, makes me feel a fool.

Anyway, the owners of these vehicles have even given me an explanation that the vehicles were not bought using Govt money but various people were donating them including those who were buying rags for millions at the UPND fundraising dinner.

Among other donors is also that husband of a Minister who supplied fertiliser recently but has now shifted to the New Dawn.

This is what these businessmen do, they just change to support the Govt that comes, get the connections, give some donations and get big contracts.

Actually the owner is wondering why these vehicles should be forfeited to the State when evidence is there to show where they came from and the people who gave are there and they are now giving to the New Dawn.


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