The opposition Citizens First Party has written to the Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ- seeking clarification over the establishment of the Advisory Committee on Election Management which the party feels is meant to compromise the independence of the commission.
Addressing the media in Lusaka this morning, Party Leader Harry Kalaba wonders what function such a committee will play in overseeing ECZ, a body established by the constitution to among others, supervise the running of elections in Zambia.
Mr. Kalaba says the party in its letter to the ECZ Chairperson is asking the Commission under which law the Advisory Committee on Election Management was established, what the role of the committee is, how the members of the committee were identified and why key stakeholders were not consulted especially political parties on its formation among other questions.
He has reminded the commission that it is a constitutionally independent body and according to the constitution, the commission shall be subject only to the constitution and law, shall be independent and not subject to the control of a person or an authority in the performance of its function and non-partisan.
Mr. Kalaba is therefore of the view that the action taken is a breach of the republican constitution and tantamount to usurping the mandate of the ECZ and has since demanded that the action be rescinded forthwith, failure to which the party will call for a nationwide protest action to compel ECZ to follow the law as established.
The Advisory Committee on Election Management led by Judge Maria Mapani Kawimbe recently held a meeting with ECZ to discuss areas of collaboration.

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