Hamukale orders PF member, Munsanje to vacate govt house


SOUTHERN Province minister Edify Hamukale has demanded that former district commissioner and 2016 losing PF parliamentary candidate Omar Munsanje vacates a government house.

But Munsanje, who said the issue had been sorted out, told The Mast that “senior people have told me not to comment because it will just cause confusion”.

Since 2016 when he resigned as Livingstone district commissioner to seek a parliamentary position, which was unsuccessful, Munsanje has been living in a government house that used to house the provincial permanent secretary before the relocation of the provincial headquarters to Choma.

Addressing heads of department during a COVID-19 preparedness meeting on Friday, Hamukale said all retirees who have been paid and are living in government houses must vacate.

“The province is having a lot of difficulties in finding accommodation for newcomers because some of the retired council employees and mainstream civil servants are still living in state owned houses despite being paid,” he noted. “I am so disappointed, sorry to mention that Mr Omar Munsanje is one such a case. The house where he lives is supposed to offer services to the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA). He was paid repatriation [allowance] but he is not leaving. He was a senior civil servant giving such a bad example it’s unfortunate and we cannot take this anymore.”

He directed Livingstone district commissioner Pascalina Musokotwane to work with the Department of Works and Supply and compile a list of all former government and council employees who according to the records from the Ministry of Finance have been paid.

“For those who have been paid their retirement packages, repatriation and other dues, they should vacate public houses as soon as possible,” instructed Hamukale.

When contacted, Munsanje who initially opted not to comment saying ba minister tulabapa mulemu (we respect the minister) said he is surprised that Hamukale raised his issue when the topic was discussed with the permanent secretary Mwangala Liomba on Tuesday.

“He wants to see me suffer so kamumuleka (just leave him). The issue was sorted out. I had a meeting with the PS (permanent secretary) on Tuesday, so I don’t know whether they discuss or not. Senior people have told me not to comment because it will just cause confusion. Ba minister tubapa bulemu, but he has decided to take it that way, so let it be,” he said.

Munsanje said he had since decided to take a new route to resolve the matter amicably.

He explained that he had remained in the house despite being paid repatriation funds as there are some outstanding issues that needed to be resolved.

“Mbombubo ndakapegwa (yes I was paid) but there are some issues we were still sorting, which he has influenced people not to do what is supposed to be done but we have said that will be sorted out,” Munsanje said.

Asked if he was moving out of the house, situated along airport road, Munsanje responded in the affirmative.

“I am even surprised…but mbaabo bayinka buyakushauta muma miting’i (but he goes ranting in meetings,” said Munsanje.

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