A group calling itself the “protest movement” is assembling citizens to join a fuel protest on Wednesday, October 18, 2023 in Lusaka, with the goal of getting thousands of youths to renounce the rising cost of living in the country.
The fuel protest will be peaceful and is planned to take place from cabinet office along Independence Avenue to woodlands stadium, as a direct response to high fuel prices following monthly pump price adjustments that have culminated into diesel and petrol now fetching an unprecedented K29.96 and K29.98 respectively.
One of the organizers, Thomson Luzendi has told Phoenix News that the movement will deliver a notice letter to the Zambia police today, and hopes they will be allowed to voice out on the implications of high fuel costs on people’s livelihood.
According to Mr Luzendi, Zambian youths hope to remind the current government, as they did the previous regime, that strong action is required to improve the wellbeing of citizens and to direct the nation towards development.
He adds that the protest is in public interest as there is a need to rectify the situation especially that Zambia’s economic condition is not improving.

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