The National Union of Miners and Allied Workers-NUMAW- is concerned that government’s persistent silence on the future of Mopani Copper Mines may have an impact on the 2024 collective bargaining process, which is due to begin in October this year.
Government is yet to announce the future of Mopani and Konkola Copper Mines-KCM-, with announcements regarding the future of both assets, postponed several times since last year.
According to NUMAW President Saul Simujika, the unions have failed to achieve the desired results for employees in terms of salaries and working conditions at Mopani in recent years because the mine has not been operating at optimal levels, necessitating the need for future negotiations to take place under better conditions.
Mr. Simujika is urging government to announce the future of Mopani Copper Mines by October this year, ahead of the 2024 collective bargaining process, to allow for smooth discussions and for workers to have new working conditions next year.
He did, however, indicate that the unions are waiting for government to declare the end of negotiations over KCM, with the most likely outcome being Vedanta taking over after outlining its proposal to improve employee welfare.

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