The Zambia Consumer Association -ZACA says the general citizenry has begun losing the confidence it had in the current government due to its failure to address the escalating cost of living.
ZACA Executive Secretary Juba Sakala tells Phoenix News that it is disappointing that while the cost of living has become inconceivable, the government has failed to take responsibility by providing solutions for the Zambian people.
He explains that the confidence that consumers had in the current leadership under the UPND government is eroding, especially that some top officials are mocking Zambians by suggesting that the cost of living is manageable.
Mr. Sakala has challenged the government to provide solutions toward stabilizing the cost of production, the prices of essential commodities and the general cost of living as it has gone beyond the reach of the majority Zambians.
The cost of production has skyrocketed with the cost of fuel and electricity both increasing and impacting essential commodities such as transport, Mealie Meal and other food and non-food items to fetching higher prices amidst high levels of unemployment and low salaries and wages.

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