By Etambuyu Katota

Government has warned Zambians engaging minors as maids that the law will not be lenient towards them.

Community Development and Social Services Minister, DOREEN MWAMBA says government has observed an increase in child abuse and child assault cases.

Ms. MWAMBA says in order to address this growing vice; her ministry will ensure that the law through the police is applied against perpetrators.

Speaking in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Ms. MWAMBA said the untimely death of 14 year old JANET CHOLA who was brought to Lusaka by a young couple as a maid must serve as a wakeup call for social workers.

She said it is unfortunate that a young life was cut short in such a manner.

Ms. MWAMBA said going forward; child labour or child exploitation will not be tolerated.

She said those getting young relatives from rural areas must legally obtain a guardianship status and ensure those children are provided with the basic services of health and education.

Last Friday, a couple, of Lusaka’s Chalala area, was arrested, in connection with the death of their 14-year-old maid.

Police Deputy Spokesperson, DANNY MWALE identified the couple as SMART MUMBA, aged 36, and his wife, MARJORY LULEMBO, aged 30.

Mr. MWALE said on August 30, 2023, around 09 hours, the couple went to the University Teaching Hospitals Police Post, with the dead body of CHOLA, to obtain the Brought In Dead -BID- certificate, over her death.

He however explained that during inspection, police suspected foul play, as the deceased’s body had multiple physical injuries and immediately investigations were instituted.

Mr. MWALE said further investigations revealed that the couple on August 29, 2023 had a physical confrontation with the deceased.

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