Constitutional Lawyer John Sangwa has advised government to investigate the extent of the alleged corruption former President Edgar Lungu was involved in.
Mr. Sangwa says the UPND government has missed out on the opportunity to fight the corruption it so much promised to fight as it has not investigated the extent of the corruption allegation against the Sixth Republican President.
Speaking at a Public Forum to commemorate International Day of Democracy last night, Mr. Sangwa said investigating former President Lungu’s corruption allegations will set him free if found with no case not at the benevolence of the ruling party but because the allegations are not true.
Mr. Sangwa explains that former President Lungu is not immune to investigation but to prosecution.
He says it is unfortunate that the UPND has not investigated Mr. Lungu’s corruption allegations even when it is clear that the vice under the former regime was rife.
Meanwhile, Mr. Sangwa has challenged President Hichilema to lead by example by declaring his assets and liabilities if he is serious about the fight against corruption.
He says the corruption fight that President Hichilema talks about is both a legal and moral issue which he requires him to lead by example.

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