By Mary Kachepa

Government will this week review the ban on the movement of pigs and pig products into and out of Chongwe District.

The ban was imposed following an outbreak of the African Swine fever in Chongwe.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister MAKOZO CHIKOTE says Veterinary Officers are carrying out surveillance and assessments 10- kilometers from the farm that was infected to establish if no other farms have the disease.

Mr. CHIKOTE has told ZNBC News that the assessment by Veterinary Officers in the area will be done by the end of the week to determine the next course of action.

He has urged pig farmers and traders not to transport pigs and pig products to Chaminuka area in Chongwe district because the ban is still in effect.

African Swine fever broke out in the Chaminuka area of Chongwe District in Lusaka Province on September 16, 2023.

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