By Ruth Chayinda

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has instructed the Ministry of Technology and Science to expand the courses that trade institutions are offering to the youths.

President HICHILEMA says trade schools should offer courses that are relevant to the labour needs in the districts they are established.

And the President says Government will continue to invest in facilities that will improve education and skills development in all parts of the country.

President HICHILEMA says government wants all youths to have access to quality education and skills without segregation.

Speaking during the commissioning of the Sesheke Trades Training Institute, President HICHILEMA also stressed that Government has not limited free education policy from Grade one to 12 but has further availed sponsorship for skills development under the CDF component.

And President HICHILEMA urged the community to safeguard the infrastructure and equipment that has been completed at a cost of over 38 million kwacha.

Technology and Science Minister FELIX MUTATI said the completion of the Sesheke Trades Training Institute is testimony that the UPND Government is determined to take skills closer to the people.

Meanwhile Western Province Minister KAPELWA MBANGWETA said the people of western province are happy with Government’s continued efforts to make their lives better.

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