(ZANIS)The Government through the Ministry of Information and Media has started negotiations with Star Times to resume the halted Digital Migration Phase two and three project.

Information and Media Minister CORNELIUS MWEETWA says the government wants a win-win situation on the project.

Mr.  MWEETWA who is leading a delegation of officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure, ZNBC and Planning department under his Ministry has held talks with StarTimes Chairperson,  PANG XINXING on the possibilities of resuming the project to complete the remaining works.

And, Mr. PANG said a more conducive arrangement will be offered to the Zambia government.

He said the company will consider scattering the repayment of the outstanding balances of 590,000 United States dollars for phase one and the 12.5
million dollars for phase two and three.

Mr. PANG said  his company is willing to complete the project within 13 months, once all formalities are done.

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