By Sharon Kunda

The Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry has proposed for Kafue and other districts in the country to benefit from economic zones.

Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry CHIPOKA MULENGA says there is a need to grow the prospects of industries across the country and that local investors need to be part of the process.

Speaking to ZNBC news in Lusaka, Mr. MULENGA said the country cannot develop by relying on Foreign Direct Investments.

And the commerce minister said the Government wants to find a sustainable solution to the challenges faced by the Textile Industry and is formulating a value chain of the entire Industry.

Mr. MULENGA said the Government will have to come up with a facility that will be the equivalent of Mulungushi Textiles if it cannot be revamped.

He said the Government is coming up with a framework where it can deliberately allow Zambian owners of Textile Industries to supply public agencies that use uniforms.

Mr. MULENGA said the country has for a long-time externalized resources by importing uniforms and that the Government wants to ensure that it only buys what cannot be produced locally.

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