Green Economy and Environment Minister Collins Nzovu says he has seen the worst pollution ever at Jinfa Steel Limited in Kalulushi district on the Copperbelt.
Mr. Nzovu, in the company of the Zambia Environmental Management Agency-ZEMA- and the Forestry Department officials visited Jinfa Steel Limited, a steel manufacturing company that manufactures steel bars for concrete reinforcement of different sizes from scrap steel as raw material.
The company was found violating both environmental and labour laws, and the Minister is shocked that people were working in such an environment without proper protective clothing.
Mr. Nzovu observed with concern that there is no internal air emission monitoring system or pollution control system installed on the smelter stack to monitor the quality of emission discharged into the open environment.
ZEMA has since ordered the facility to immediately cease all operations at the plant and comply with the decision letter and licence conditions issued.

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