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Government says over 70 percent of Zambia’s energy has been affected due to the adverse effects of climate change.

Ministry of Energy Permanent Secretary Francesca Zyambo says this scenario calls for use of other sources of energy such as solar and wind among others in order to address this situation.

Speaking in Lusaka today during the launch of the 2022 Earth Hour under the theme “shape our future” organized by World Wide Fund for Nature -WWF-, Ms. Zyambo reiterated that climate change is a real issue that affects all.

And WWF Country Director Nachilala Nkombo explained that the aim of earth hour is meant to bring attention to the climate change crisis that has affected the globe and bring to the attention of all on the need to find a solution to this problem.

Ms. Nkombo has since made a clarion call on government to put in place a robust and comprehensive plan to stop acts such as deforestation that contribute to climate change and encourage the use of other forms of energy.

She says if no intervention is made, climate change will never be brought under control hence the need to take this opportunity to stop and reflect on what necessary action can be taken to stop climate change.

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