Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

McPherson Mutale

“The cabinet is like the board of a company. They should provide strategic direction to the management team to execute their strategy.

The board delegates the day to day running of the company to the management team. The civil service, in this case, is the management team.

When the board members are forced to be supervising the workers, then management is inefficient, ineffective and redundant.

The minister of health is the head of the health committee, appointed by the chairman (the president) in this case. She is suppose to ensure the management team is delivering. The moment the board chair has to come to supervise workers, it means even the head of the committee is not delivering according to the expectations.

President HH has to realize that his focus should be planning how this country will come out of this mess we are in. If he has to be supervising how people are working at ministries, then we have very serious problems.

He has to give instructions to his minister to execute and if they fail, he has to find other competent ones. This country is not short of competent Human Resources. If they can’t be found within the boarders, we have Zambians in the diaspora capable of doing the job.

Hands on? Well I don’t think so. It’s the president babysitting ministers. It’s not sustainable.

The other minister was sent a babysitter and the babysitter ended up becoming a baby too. It’s not sustainable. It’s draining and frustrating.

The president will burn out if he doesn’t adjust his management and leadership style. The office he hold requires grace but ruthlessness in equal measure otherwise nothing gets done. “

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