PF acting President Given Lubinda’s Lawyers Kaunda Kaunda Legal Practitioners have served UPND Kamwala Ward councillor Mainda Simataa with a court summons following his refusal to publicly apologize over his claim that the former PF Kabwata MP is illegally occupying a community play park that belongs to the people of Kamwala.

The Councillor who was served at 20:00hrs yesterday is unlikely to file a defense today, and will most likely appear without legal representation before Justice Lombe Phiri at 10:45 on Monday 14 March 2022.

It’s alleged that the UPND is not interested in the matter and will not support the Councillor or residents of Kamwala who want to get back their property.

And a source within the UPND has told MUVI TV that Simataa won’t get any help or lawyers from the Party because there’s a group within UPND trying by all means to take him down and cause a by-election in Kamwala and field in a a councillor they can control. “There’s even a group that got money from KCC night club owners and promised to protect them from Simataa who’s been on their case for noise pollution in Madras Kamwala, and this group will be happy to see Lubinda finish off the vibrant councillor who doesn’t have the party’s blessing or protection”, said the source.

Meanwhile Simataa has accused the Anti-corruption commission and some Lusaka City Council officers of secretly working with Lubinda…

“Look, it’s on record, I’ve written to LCC Town Clerk and Director of Finance who’ve been dragging their feet to avail me with critical documents to enable me file a reply for my people while they give access to Lubinda’s Lawyers instantly”.

Simataa has also lashed out at Anti-Corruption Commission director whom he says is too soft, sympathetic, slow and unwilling to act on high profile corruption suspects in the former PF regime.

Source: MUVI

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