Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

A Zimbabwean Shacman Tanker and a Zambia Railways goods train this afternoon colidded at Shikoswe Railway Crossing in Kafue.

The accident which happened around 16:00 hours occured when the Zimbabwean registered Truck, Shackman Reg AFJ 0097 which was driven by a Zimbabwean National who was heading to Chirundu failed to give way to the on-coming goods train which was coming from Lusaka and was being operated by a Mr Simuchile.

Both the Locomotive operator and the driver of the truck suffered minor injuries, with extensive damages to the truck.

The Zimbabwean registered tanker was empty and this probably saved an inferno.

Recently a train operator died in Kapiri following a clash with a tanker that caused an inferno.

-Kafue Times

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