The Food Reserve Agency- FRA- has started the distribution of over 5 million empty grain bags to different agency depots across the country as of 1st August, 2023, in response to the shortage that left some farmers spending nights at FRA depots before selling their maize.
FRA Public relations Coordinator John Chipandwe has told Phoenix News that the agency has secured over 5 million empty grain bags for distribution countrywide, with another 2.1 million grain bags expected to be added later.
Mr. Chipandwe has assured farmers that the agency is currently facilitating the relocation of empty grain bags from underperforming provinces to others with a higher demand.
He adds that the exercise has so far relocated a total of 150,000 bags to north Western, Luapula, Northern, and Southern provinces in response to complaints by some farmers in these areas due to this shortage, which delayed their sale of maize at various FRA depots.

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