By Christopher Miti

FORMER Chipata Central FDD member of parliament Mathews Mwale is dead.

Mwale served as Chipata Central parliamentarian from 2001 to 2006.

His son, Masiku, confirmed his death.

“My father was at UTH (University Teaching Hospital) where he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer. So, when he was discharged and he decided to go to my brother’s place in Kabwe district as he awaits the other session of chemotherapy at UTH,” he said. “Now around 23:00 hours my brother informed me that the condition is deteriorating because even the breathing was not good and he was not eating.

So, I advised that he should be put on observation but if things go bad, he should be taken to the hospital. Around 03:00 hours, I received a phone call that my father has died.”

Masiku said the family is making arrangements to bring the body to Chipata.

And former Chipata mayor Patrick Teleka Chirwa described Mwale as a vibrant man who worked hard to change the face of Chipata.

“This is a great loss to the people of Chipata Central and Eastern Province at large. It is unfortunate that his death has coincided with the death of former president Rupiah Banda,” he said. “It is bad to lose two gallant sons of the province almost at the same time.

I do recall, when he was MP from 2001 to 2006, Mathews was one of the best MPs ever, though he belonged to the opposition. This man articulated issues in parliament very well.”

Chirwa said it was unfortunate that Mwale has died a few months after losing his wife.

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