A Surgeon has called on women suffering from obstetric fistula to seek early help from health facilities.

Dr. GOSHON KASANDA says some women especially in rural areas are in need of fistula repair but are too ashamed to come out in the open due to the nature of the stigma attached to the condition.

ZANIS reports that Dr. KASANDA explains that obstetric fistula is caused by a childbirth injury which makes a mother suffer from the inability to control urination, saying most women suffer from various social consequences such as divorce, loss of social support, among others.

Dr. KASANDA was speaking in Mbala district during a fistula repair surgery camp organized by the Fistula Foundation at Mbala General Hospital.

He observed that most women who have been living with obstetric fistula condition for a long time have chosen not to open up on the condition for fear of being ridiculed by society.

Dr KASANDA explains that during the Mbala General Hospital fistula repair surgery camp, about 20 women living with obstetric fistula will undergo surgical operations.

He said a team of doctors and nurses drawn from nine fistula treatment centres across the country have been conducting the repair surgeries at the hospital since Sunday.

And one of the Fistula Medical Team Members ROYD NONDE has called on fellow practitioners to develop interest in undergoing training on conducting fistula repair surgeries if the elimination of fistula is to be accelerated.

Dr. NONDE, who has bemoaned the low number of expert fistula and trainee surgeons, says with the Fistula Foundation Zambia offering free training, more medical practitioners are encouraged to join.

He has since thanked the Fistula Foundation Zambia and the government for making fistula repair training available for free.

Meanwhile, Fistula Foundation Zambia Head of Programmes for Northern and Central Provinces EMMANUEL CHILUBA has expressed happiness that more women are now signing up for fistula repairs in the two provinces following heightened mobilization and sensitization activities.

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