Tue. Mar 28th, 2023


LUSAKA-BASED businessman, Valden Findlay, has demanded for an apology from a Zambian woman based in the United Kingdom, Ms Barbra Musamba, for an alleged defamatory statement she issued suggesting that he and former president Mr Edgar Lungu were plotting to kill and overthrow the Head of State, Mr Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Findlay has directed his lawyers, Makebi Zulu Advocates, through the British High Commissioner to Zambia to write to Ms Musamba to withdraw the defamatory statement against failure to which legal action would be taken against her.

The letter indicated that there was a video that had gone viral on social media in which Ms Musamba stated that there was almost a coup d’etat which was championed by their client, Mr Findlay who was plotting with soldiers on how to overthrow President Hichilema.

Mr Findlay demanded that Ms. Musamba withdraw the allegations and undertake to desist from making such statements and allegations against him in the same manner and prominence she had put them.

And Zambia Republican Party President Wright Musoma said that it was unfortunate that Ms Musamba decided to make wild allegations that alleged Mr Lungu and Mr Findlay were planning to overthrow Mr Hichilema.

Mr Musoma said that if Mr Lungu was as bad as the political enemies were portraying him to be to the public, the man would still be president even today.

He said that it was shocking that someone would think that a man who willingly handed over power when he lost the 2021 would be plotting a coup d’état against a person he handed power to.

Mr Musoma said that Ms Musamba was bitter because President Hichilema had not given her the attention she needed, so she wanted to use the former Head of State to regain political relevance.

He also said the government and all Zambians should ignore people who issue hate speeches and wild allegations that are baseless.


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