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Trial has started in the matter where former Presidential Political Advisor, CHRIS ZIMBA and three others are charged with terrorism.

This follows a ruling by LUSAKA High Court Judge KOREEN ZIMBA that there is no duplicity of the terrorism charges slapped on Dr. ZIMBA and his co-accused.

Judge ZIMBA has ruled that the accused are competently charged with terrorism charges.

This is in a matter where Dr. ZIMBA 44, of CHONGWE and his three co-accused are charged with terrorism.

Dr. ZIMBA’s co-accused are GIVEN PHIRI-36, MARLONE BANDA-34 and PORTIPHER GWAI -44.

It is alleged that Dr. ZIMBA on unknown dates but between February 1 and 22, 2020 in Lusaka, aided Mr. PHIRI and Mr .BANDA to conduct terrorist acts in PETAUKE district of the Eastern Province

Meanwhile Mr. PHIRI and Mr. BANDA are charged with possession of terrorism articles.

On the other hand Mr. GWAU is facing one count of procuring of terrorism articles.

The accused who were arrested in May this year and have pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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