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Naftali Bennett, former Prime Minister of Israel, says the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is “none of our business”.

Israel controls the air space over Gaza and its shoreline, and strictly controls the movement of people and goods.

“The world can come and help the Gazans, that’s none of our business,” he told Victoria Derbyshire during the Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg programme, when asked if Israel will allow more aid into Gaza.

He says humanitarian action must be reciprocal, citing hostages being held by Hamas.

Derbyshire puts it to Bennett it is Israel’s business as it must demonstrate its fight is with Hamas rather than the Palestinian people.

“We are not responsible for Gaza like you are not responsible for France,” he responded.

“If others want to take care of the Gazans, that’s theirs to do.”

Pressed further that Israel does control Gaza’s borders, Bennett said Israel’s notice to Gazans to move to the south was evidence of humanitarian action.

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