Mon. Nov 28th, 2022

ActionAid Zambia has welcomed the establishment of the Economic and Financial Crimes Division Court by Chief Justice Mumba Malila saying the move will help restore confidence in institutions of governance and upholding the rule of good law.

ActionAid Zambia Country Director Nalucha Ziba is hopeful that in the process of the division court being established, its development will be expedited carefully to pronounce justice on alleged and suspected high-class criminals who have managed to hire the best legal teams and averted crimes they have been charged with.

Mrs Ziba is concerned about the increase in cases of economic and financial crimes reported of public resources unaccounted for, failure to follow procurement procedures and taxpayers’ money mismanaged and embezzled year in year out as highlighted in the Auditor General’s reports and the financial intelligence centre reports.

She says as the announcement of the new division court is long overdue, ActionAid Zambia recommends that Economic and Financial Crimes must not end at division court, but that government must consider strengthening investigative wings on management of financial crimes.

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