Political Analyst Francis Chipili has warned that Zambia will see increased state-sponsored human rights breaches against opposition political parties, and that all dissenting voices are under threat from the UPND government’s dictatorial tendencies.
Mr. Chipili says while he does not endorse former President Edgar Lungu’s candidacy in 2026, his return to active politics is important to combat President Hakainde Hichilema’s dictatorial tendencies, who he says will utilize the police more to repress the opposition.
He has charged that Zambia’s political landscape would only worsen as the majority of opposition politicians lack bravery and are afraid to stand up to President Hichilema due to his style of leadership.
Mr Chipili anticipates that Mr Lungu will face several arrests, but believes that it is a necessary sacrifice to restore Zambia’s democracy by uniting the opposition using his expertise as former head of state.
And Human Rights Activist Brebner Changala is concerned about the potential human rights violations following the return of Mr. Lungu to active politics.
Mr. Changala, however, believes that, while the PF posed a threat to Zambia’s constitutional democracy, the UPND government is proving to be much more dangerous, demonstrating that the ruling party is willing to go to extremes to maintain power.

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