Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

By Leah Ngoma

The Engineering Institution of Zambia-EIZ- is concerned that stakeholders conducting activities at Kitwe’s infamous black mountain are not following safe mining methods.

EIZ President Engineer Abel Ng’andu explains that in august 2018, the EIZ constituted a team of experts to investigate the mining operations at the black mountain and made recommendations on safer and controlled mining practices at the site.

Engineer Ng’andu says the EIZ maintains its recommendations that were submitted in a detailed report among them, that no operations should be allowed at the base of the dump and mining should be done with a top-to- down approach.

He says EIZ also recommends that no mix of artisanal and mechanized mining should be allowed, and safety hazard protocol concerning mobile equipment to be implemented as well as other relevant lifesaving and fatal hazard protocols relevant to open pit operations.

Further, engineer Ng’andu says EIZ recommends that apart from securing the mine area and installing appropriate signage, and marking of unsafe areas, slope movement needs to be monitored on a daily/per shift basis.

In a statement, engineer Ng’andu who is also chairperson of the engineering council says key relevant personnel from mine management, safety officers and geotechnical staff need to be frequently consulted to ensure a streamlined and safe operation with relevant accountabilities.

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