EFZ lauds ECL’s Stance

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By Patrick Mulenga-The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia-EFZ- says the US Ambassador Daniel Foote should respect the beliefs of Zambians and not impose beliefs of homosexuality on them.

EFZ Chairman Bishop Paul Mususu says the sentiments by the US Ambassador should be condemned in the strongest terms.

Bishop Mususu said, during a press briefing, that Zambia belongs to Zambians and it is them who should decide when and what time they can change their laws.

He said the Ambassador should also refrain from acts of linking the homosexual issues to the bilateral ties that have existed between Zambia and the People of America for years.

Bishop Mususu said America is a mature democratic State that will not like to impose or engage in the internal affairs of the countries where it has embassies.

He however, thanked government for its firm stance on homosexuality.

Bishop Mususu called on the Head of State to stand firm for the Zambian people are behind him as he defends the country on the international scene.

Meanwhile the Patriotic Front in the North Western Province has commended President Edgar Lungu for denouncing Homosexuality and gay rights.

President Lungu appeared on Sky News condemning homosexuality and the recognition of gay rights.

North Western Province PF Chairman Jackson Kungo says the stance by the President is a sign that the country will NOT succumb to pressure from Western forces to accept gay rights.

Speaking to ZNBC News in Solwezi, Mr. Kungo called on the civil society and Political leaders to condemn calls for legalizing Homosexuality adding that Zambia is a Christian Nation.

And Chief Matebo of the Kaonde people has called on traditional leaders to rally behind the Republican President in the fight against Homosexuality.

Chief Matebo said traditional leaders have the mandate of upholding cultural values and homosexuality is not part of the Zambian culture.

The traditional leader has further advised members of the public NOT to be swayed into accepting cultures that are not Zambian.

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