The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has stopped the Democratic Party (DP) candidate from filing-in the nominations for the Kabwata parliamentary by-election after the Commission refused to receive nomination papers of candidate Fred Mubanga.

“They told us that they can’t accept our nominations as the matter has not been disposed off in the courts of law, and instead asked us to get a court order if they were to allow the nomination papers. But surely this time, where can we get the court order?” one of the DP senior leaders told Daily Revelation. “The ECZ told us that they did a check at the Registrar’s office and found that there were registration papers showing some office bearers, some supporting Harry Kalaba and the others are in Judith Kabemba’s group.”

Judith Kabemba and Justine Nkonge have challenged Kalaba’s eligibility to continue holding on as president arguing that the original members have taken over the party. The matter is still being argued in the courts of law.

By press time those who had managed to file in nominations included the UPND’s Andrew Tayengwa, PF’s Clement Tembo, Socialist Party has Tripher Ng’andu, and EEP’s president Chilufya Tayali, among many other parties participating in the elections.


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