Wed. Nov 30th, 2022

By Michael Nyumbu

Political Analyst and Human Rights Activist, Ngande Mwanajiti says the fight against corruption has no sacred cow and the country cannot afford to lose the fight against the vice.

Mwanajiti adds that all well-meaning Zambians must support President Hakainde Hichilema to fight corruption which he says undermines the law and compromises the delivery of goods and services to citizens.

He tells Byta FM News that claims from Patriotic Front, (PF) accusing the new administration of witch-hunting is an effort to emotionally blackmail the president and institution established to fight corruption.

Mwanajiti also disagrees with the way the Anticorruption Commission, (ACC) handled Faith Musonda’s corruption case related case of over K65-million and more than $57-thousand found in her New Kasama house in Lusaka.

The ACC brokered a deal with Musonda to freely surrender her loot to avoid jail-time, but Mwanajiti fears this will encourage others with corruptly acquired wealth to cooperate with the commission and escape prosecution.

Meanwhile, the ACC describes the non-custodial technique of recovering corruptly acquired wealth as an effective tool to restore wealth to the public.

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