The Energy Regulation Board -ERB- says consumers of diesel in the country should brace themselves for continued high prices of the commodity as it has remained relatively high due to international oil prices.
Various stakeholders have argued that despite the government assuring that the Tazama pipeline will be able to pump 90 million litres of diesel per month which will result in reduced transportation costs of up to 60%, ultimately leading to a reduction in the pump price of diesel, this has not been the case.
But ERB Board Chairperson Reynold Bowa has clarified to Phoenix News that this has not been the case because the pump price of diesel is selling at about $120 per barrel, way higher than petrol selling at $90 per barrel.
Dr Bowa explains that the price and transportation of diesel to Zambia gives more additional cost which makes it more expensive from other oils as it is still increasing on the international market.
He has however assured that when international prices stabilize, consumers of diesel will be able to see a reduction in the pump price.

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