The National Union of Miners and Allied Workers-NUMAW- says calls by some Mopani Copper Mines employees to gain access to their Saturnia Regna Private Pension Scheme are unjustified as there is no provision for partial or full withdrawal in the absence of termination of employment.
NUMAW President Saul Simujika says employees can advocate for their pensions if there is a need for redundancies at Mopani under the impending management, as was the situation at Konkola Copper Mines, where employment was officially terminated and employees later re-engaged.
According to Mr. Simujika, the union leadership is aware of calls by some workers to acquire access to their money under the Saturnia Regna, and has attributed this to current discussions regarding an anticipated announcement of new partners to take over the mine’s operations.
He also disclosed that mopani copper mines has withdrawn all its top management officials from the Saturnia Regna pension scheme, who may have accessed their money by virtue of this action by their employers.

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