By Masauso Mkwayaya

Government says one of the basic principles of the debt restructuring deal is to ensure that the debt is serviced without crippling  people’s lives .

Finance Minister SITUMBEKO MUSOKOTWANE also says Zambia is heavily engaged with commercial creditors on a debt  restructuring deal .

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE says he is hopeful that the success reached with the multinational creditors will be used as a lesson in the negotiations with the commercial creditors .

Speaking in Marrakech Morocco during the African Finance Ministers Press briefing at the ongoing World Bank Annual Meetings, Dr. MUSOKOTWANE said Zambia’s debt deal with multinational creditors is being used as an example and will make it easier for other countries seeking the same relief .

And the Finance Minister says the government will issue green bonds to attract investments to respond to challenges such as climate change  .

He says the initiative has also been extended to the private sector who will enjoy some tax incentives when they issue the green bonds .

Dr. MUSOKOTWANE says the bonds are expected to make the economy greener and more sustainable .

He says the Government has also set aside some money to invest in water harvesting infrastructure .

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