Ministry of Information and Media Permanent Secretary, KENNEDY KALUNGA has praised the Zambia Daily mail for the critical role it is playing in disseminating vital information to the public.

ZANIS reports that Mr KALUNGA says the public is able to make informed decisions on a number of issues such as Constituency Development Fund- CDF-among others based on news that the Zambia Daily Mail churns out.

Mr KALUNGA was speaking when he toured the Zambia Daily mail and its sister newspaper, Times of Zambia, during this year’s 95th Zambia agriculture and commercial show in Lusaka.

The Permanent Secretary also urged the newspaper firms to enhance its courier services in order to service the public diligently.

And, Zambia Daily Mail Director Commercial CHIYUKA MASEKA said the Company is doing a lot in disseminating information on developmental activities to the public.

Mr MASEKA explained that the paper has dedicated some pages to sensitize people on how to access CDF for them to set up cooperatives across the country.

He added that with the e-paper so far, information dissemination has been improved drastically.

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