By Paul Shalala

President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA says government will provide a credit window for the public sector to boost the production of maize and other crops to promote food security and reduce mealie meal prices.

President HICHILEMA says public sector players will access funding on a concessional rate which will help them to engage in agriculture and contribute to the national yield.

Speaking when he officially opened the third session of the 13th National Assembly in Lusaka today, President HICHILEMA said government wants to promote the planting of crops twice a year.

He said growing crops twice will increase the yield and reduce the price of the staple food.

And President HICHILEMA said an announcement on the ownership and way forward for Mopani Copper Mines is imminent.

He said talks have advanced and soon, the nation will be informed.

President HICHILEMA said his government is determined to revive the mining sector which is a great contributor to the national treasury.

He also revealed that a national geological mapping will be conducted to assess the country’s mineral endowment and plan how it can be exploited.

And President HICHILEMA disclosed that 34,000 civil servants have now been attached to local authorities as part of the devolution of power from the Central Government.

He said local authorities have also started performing some delegated functions of the Central Government which is aimed at ensuring that the decentralisation policy is well implemented.

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